Vendor Inspection 3rd Party

Guarantee the reliability and quality of energy production

We represent our clients or act as a third party with manufacturers by attending all the steps required by the Inspection Plans (ITP) or by our clients.

We ensure compliance with the specifications, the application of international standards (ASME, API) and guarantee the validation of the various stages of controls and tests during manufacture.

Benefiting from a structure on a human scale but present all around the globe, we are renowned for our responsiveness. We have qualified and certified inspectors available worldwide.

Excellence in foresight

MIT at your service

Our professional MIT software, developed by us, allows you to monitor your projects:

- Traceability of missions and inspectors in real time
- Provide KPIs
- Find the right profile in the right place anywhere in the world
- HSE information


We set ourselves the goal of providing reports to our clients within 48 hours.


Inspectors certified according to the international standards in force to also attend all types of non-destructive testing (penetrant testing, magnetic testing, ultrasound, radiography)

Our network of inspectors

We have more than 10,000 qualified inspectors around the world, immediately operational for your projects.

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