Ensuring optimal quality

To maintain their reputation and competitive advantage through continuous improvement, companies in all industries must manage quality, environmental, health and safety risks. This applies not only to the organization itself, but also to the performance of its contractors, manufacturers and suppliers. Second-party audits can be an improvement tool to achieve these ambitious goals.

Intersica offers its audit services in order to estimate the technical level, safety and quality of suppliers by representing the end customer.

Verification of the adequacy of the manufacturer's organization with our customers' standards or international standards allows our customers to gain confidence in the awarding of contracts or to put in place the necessary steps for monitoring their orders.  

Audit performance

Supplier quality audit

Assess the supplier's capabilities to meet the customer's production requirements. Ensure compliance with applicable standards.

Technical Audit

Analyze the internal technical production processes by representing the client.


Assess the supplier's ability to comply with applicable regulations in the country or region in which it operates.

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