CND/Coating control

Securing operational performance

Control of engineered parts is an important aspect of quality in infrastructure and energy, as parts often need to be inspected for defects, errors or nonconformities.

Non-destructive testing is an expertise that makes it possible to verify the integrity and health of equipment or material without damaging it. It makes an installation safer and more reliable.

At Intersica, we have the necessary skills for this type of control, through qualified personnel certified ISO 9712/ASNT, FROSIO/NACE, IWE/AWS, etc.

Our control techniques

Visual control

This may include visual inspection of components such as welds, pipes, cables, seals and mechanical elements to ensure they meet quality and safety standards.

Non-destructive testing

Securing operational performance by checking parts to detect defects or non-conformities is essential. For this, we master several non-destructive testing techniques which include radiography, ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing or penetrant testing.

Corrosion control

Corrosion can have detrimental effects on the performance, safety and lifespan of equipment and infrastructure. We exercise several methods to control and prevent the corrosion of parts.

Welding control

Weld control is critical in the energy and engineering industry because welds are often used to join parts and structures. Welding defects can cause structural failures, leaks or loss of performance in equipment and structures.

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