Quality Support

INTERSICA (formerly Socotec Oil&Gas) has 30 years experience in developing Quality Management Systems. Already have a Quality Management System in place? INTERSICA (formerly Socotec Oil&Gas) can provide in-depth Analysis to your current QMS or your vendor's QMS and get you on track with the ever-growing and ever-changing standards. Our global network of personnel can ensure compliance with all requests and provide the highest standards of service.

A quality management system (QMS) is a set of policies, processes and procedures required for planning and execution (production/ development/ service) in the core business area of an organization. INTERSICA (formerly Socotec Oil&Gas) is dedicated to providing value-added resources no mater your requirements and expectations. INTERSICA (formerly Socotec Oil&Gas) provides properly vetted, experienced and highly qualified technical auditors from an extensive global pool of talent and guarantees exceptional performance.

Why do you need Quality Support? With growing changes to procedures and policies, compliance, conformance, and performance will not coincide with your QMS. Auditing of risk and performance, KPI’s and follow up on completed corrective actions serve as a major role in keeping quality programs, company policies, contract commitments and regulatory requirements achieved.


• Strategic Planning • Management Review • Controlled Document System Verification • Data Collection Control • Corrective and Preventative Action Monitoring • Risk Assessment Analysis • Continual Improvement Process


During the INTERSICA (formerly Socotec Oil&Gas) employment process all INTERSICA auditors are vetted verifying competencies and qualifications as well as implementation of any additional training needed for continual improvement. Auditors are held to INTERSICA’s standards while conducting your business, including reporting and HSE guidelines. During employment all auditors undergo regular on-site evaluations and mandatory training.


INTERSICA (formerly Socotec Oil&Gas) personnel are dedicated to providing the best possible service. A crucial element of this is the reporting process, which enables our clients to fully understand the overall status of their projects. Reports can be prepared on our own reporting format or client specific formatting if required. Training on proper report writing is mandatory with all INTERSICA auditors to ensure sufficient information is captured and relayed back to our customers.

 » Having issues with your vendor? Need to audit a supplier prior to adding them to your approved vendor list? INTERSICA has certified auditors with the knowledge and experience to perform audits on your suppliers to ensure that they meet or exceed your requirements. « 

Main Types of Quality Support

Product Audits

An examination of a particular product or service (tools, material, software) to evaluate whether it conforms to requirements (that is, specifications, performance standards, and customer requirements).

Process Audits

A verification that processes are working within established limits. It evaluates an operation or method against predetermined instructions or standards to measure conformance to these standards and the effectiveness of the instructions. Such an audit may:

  • Check conformance to defined requirements such as time, accuracy, temperature, pressure, composition, responsiveness, amperage, and component mixture.
  • Examine the resources (equipment, materials, people) applied to transform the inputs into outputs, the environment, the methods (procedures, instructions) followed, and the measures collected to determine process performance.
  • Check the adequacy and effectiveness of the process controls established by procedures, work instructions, flowcharts, and training and process specifications

System Audits

An audit conducted on a management system. It can be described as a documented activity performed to verify, by examination and evaluation of objective evidence, that applicable elements of the system are appropriate and effective and have been developed, documented, and implemented in accordance and in conjunction with specified requirements. A quality management system audit evaluates an existing quality program to determine its conformance to company policies, contract commitments, and regulatory requirements.

No matter what your quality support requirements are INTERSICA (formerly Socotec Oil&Gas) is capable of adapting to meet your needs and proactive in managing these through our dedicated coordination.