Pipe Mill Surveillance

With INTERSICA' (formerly Socotec Oil&Gas) large experience in Mill Surveillance, we can ensure to our clients that the pipe manufacturing is incompliance with the specifications, codes and standards defined. Additionally, we can verify the delivery time of their contracts.

The quality of materials and equipment are essential elements in the success and safety of any project. That’s why INTERSICA (formerly Socotec Oil&Gas) is dedicated to providing value-added resources no mater your requirements and expectations. INTERSICA provides properly vetted, experienced and highly qualified technical experts from an extensive global pool of talent and guarantees exceptional performance.

Why do you need Pipe Mill Surveillance? INTERSICA’ (formerly Socotec Oil&Gas) inspectors perform Pipe Mill Surveillance of equipment and materials at mill facilities to verify that your product meets your specified quality requirements prior to shipment, reducing the risk of incorrect material shipment and failures during installation at the site location.

Pipe Mill Surveillance Services

INTERSICA (formerly Socotec Oil&Gas) offers a large range of services from random surveillances activities to full time surveillance done with a team of experienced inspectors specialized in all manufacturing steps. INTERSICA can provided spot checking to full-time surveillance, including the load-out of material, this will verify that the transportation and handling will not created critical defects.

Pipe Mill Surveillance Inspectors

Inspector selection for your projects are based on a many factors from the type of equipment to the location of manufacturing. During the INTERSICA (formerly Socotec Oil&Gas) employment process all INTERSICA (formerly Socotec Oil&Gas) inspectors are vetted verifying competencies and qualifications as well as implementation of any additional training needed for continual improvement. Inspectors are held to INTERSICA’ (formerly Socotec Oil&Gas) highest standards while conducting your business, including reporting and HSE guidelines. During employment all inspectors undergo regular on-site evaluations and mandatory training.

Standards and Codes Experience









Coating per 3LPE, 3LLPP, HPP, FBE



INTERSICA (formerly Socotec Oil&Gas) personnel are dedicated to providing the best possible service. A crucial element of this is the reporting process, which enables our clients to fully understand the overall status of their projects. Reports can be prepared on our own reporting format or client specific formatting if required. Training on proper report writing is mandatory with all INTERSICA inspectors to ensure sufficient

information is captured and relayed back to our customers.

INTERSICA Coordination

The INTERSICA (formerly Socotec Oil&Gas) personnel involved in your project are focused on delivering the best services. Our coordination team is dedicated to all your needs and are recognized for their technical expertise. They work with the customers and inspectors to manage the clients requirements, verifying that all relevant specifications, codes and standards are implemented.

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Subsea Piping & Bends

Subsea Pipeline

No matter your inspection requirements, INTERSICA is capable of adapting to meet your needs and be proactive in managing these activities through our dedicated coordination team.